How it works

The Process

How We Get You Results

From Regular to Extraordinary: How Our Program Transforms Your Child's Studies


Watch your child become more:

  • Responsible
  • Self-disciplined
  • Focused & Calm
  • Cooperative
  • Fast learner with greater memory

Tailored Training for Your
Child’s Unique Needs

We believe every child is unique, so our program is tailored to each child’s specific needs. We kickstart the journey with an in-depth diagnostic process involving both parents and children. This includes a thorough assessment of:

  • External environment.
  • Psychological evaluations.
  • Resource allocation by the child and parents.
  • Internal dialogues.
  • Real or perceived threats
  • And a few other proprietary assessment tools
    that are available only to our clients

Our Techniques

Our proprietary approach combines the latest in self relisation and psychological training techniques to bring a positive shift in your child’s attitude towards studies, family, and behavioral aspects of a child. These include Mind priming, Chitt Yoga, CBT amongst others.

We Know Kids Need Help In Multiple Areas To
Become Happy And Successful.

This Is Why Our Program Covers All The Common Issues That Kids ( And Parents) Face

Through our program, your child will:

Tackle the common issue of not being motivated to study by:

  • Building self-discipline and confidence
  • Cultivating a habit of completing tasks efficiently
  • Mastering time management skills
  • Overcoming exam-related fears and stress for improved study performance
  • Breaking free from mobile, gaming, social media, and TV addiction
  • Developing mature behavior
  • Gaining clarity on life goals and career plans, fostering determination
  • Becoming highly organized
  • Boosting confidence and social skills for healthy recreation
  • Managing anger and eliminating rudeness

Is “Study Focus For Teens” Right For Your Child?

We’re not here to give some tips and tricks to you and your child for a short period of time and then leave you to struggle on your own.

We have created this program because we care about your child’s future and we want to make sure that the families that join us experience lasting success. This is why we have a four-step application process:

Step 1
Watch our Free Training and Apply for a consultation call.
Step 2
After initial screening, we will book an interview with you.
Step 3
With exception to single mothers, we necessarily need both parents (especially the father) to join the call.
Step 4
Suitable families will be offered a spot in our program

The Future Of Your Child Is Too Precious

Take action today to empower them into a new future!

Benefits for Parents

Benefits for Parents

  • No yelling, controlling, or monitoring.
  • No struggle or helplessness
  • No stress and tension at home
  • No compulsion to sacrifice all professional and personal goals
Benefits For Kids

Benefits For Kids

  • No homework or exercises.
  • No preaching or gyan
  • No struggle or battling yourself.
  • No difficult learning or extra effort required.