Lazy To Self Disciplined Child,
6 Week Transformation


  • No yelling, controlling or monitoring
  • No struggle or helplessness
  • No stress and tension at home
  • No compulsion to sacrifice all
    professional and personal goals
    for your child’s studies.
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Don't Let Laziness Or Lack of Motivation
Hold Your Child Back Any Longer

Are you struggling with these?

  • You need to chase your child for their studies, but they still can't focus?
  • They take frequent breaks.
  • Some subjects like math are challenging for them, regardless of who teaches them.
  • They get easily distracted in class, and teachers are complaining about them.
  • They are rude, ungrateful, and talk back to you.
  • They lack confidence in themselves, and as a result, they don't even try.
  • They are addicted to mobile phones or TV and become very difficult if you try to take the devices away.
  • They fear exams, go blank during tests, and forget even the things they have learned.

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help. We understand that these issues can be
complex and interconnected, and we’re here to provide tailored solutions to address them.
Let Us Help Your Child Get On The Right Path, So You Can Enjoy True Peace of Mind

This Is For You If …

You’re busy and cannot give enough time to your child
You’re busy and cannot give enough time to your child
 You have tried your best and still they won’t study.
You have tried your best and still they won’t study.
Their poor study habits or behaviour is keeping you awake at night.
Their poor study habits or behaviour is keeping you awake at night.
You are fed up and want your child to (finally) become responsible towards studies.
You are fed up and want your child to (finally) become responsible towards studies.
Who we are

Stop Wasting More Money on Things That Have Not Worked For You

Investing in tuitions, courses, counsellors or chasing them and your child still not studying or scoring can be very frustrating and something that no one can afford in today’s competitive world.Your child’s future is of utmost importance, and we’ve simplified our process so you can:

  • Bid farewell to the need for parental control or the sacrifices required to motivate your children to study.
  • Save valuable time, energy, and money in
    the process.
  • Strengthen your bond and connection with
    your children.

See Your Child Become Disciplined,
Focused, and Fast Learner

No More Shame  <br>or Guilt

No More Shame
or Guilt

That comes from their poor scores or rude behaviour.
No More Device Struggles

No More Device Struggles

To Keep Them Off Mobile, TV , Games or Locking Digital Devices
No More <br>Sacrificing

No More

Of Your Career, or Personal Time To Manage Your Child’s Study
No <br>Follow-Up


Monitoring, Or Chasing Your Child To Make Them Study
No More <br>Complaints

No More

From Teachers Or Taunts from Spouse, In-laws or Neighbours
No More <br>Fights

No More

With Your Child, Spouse or Disturbances at Home.

Unleash The Power of Your Child’s Mind


Effortless Self Study

Never need to chase your child to finish
their work


Total Focus and Concentration

Zero distractions for faster learning.


Fast Learning

Never again worry about Math or any


Emotional Control

Fear of Exams, Anxiety, Anger Be Gone.

Why Choose Us

World Leading Behavioural Retraining
Effortless, Fast, Permanent
No Fluff.
92% Program
Success Rate.

Happy Parents Who Are Singing Our Praises…

Client testimonials

I deleted insta Cuz it was using up a lot of time And I don’t use any other social media app So its great I don’t feel any attraction to download it again.

Krishna Student


He solved 10 sums in physics, 10 in chemistry and 3 in maths. But he said after he received his question paper he was calm and cool… Sir the jee mains paper physics and chemistry was good and math was not so good.

Supriya K


Hello mam, One thing to share about Shaunak… Yesterday, he gave me his mobile without any tantrums and asked me to keep aside till his final exams…This, I thought, is a big achievement and should share 👍

Priya D


Good afternoon Sir, my son Imbesat got allotment in Government medical college dhule Maharashtra. Thank you very much for your brain training and personal guidance and coaching.

Mohammad K


With all your blessings and good wishes, and with Almighty’s Endless Divine Grace, our elder son Jyotipriyo has secured 91.00% overall aggregate in ICSE 2023. He scored 90% in Physics & Maths, 95% in Biology. Best-Of-Five aggregate is 92.4%.”

Biswapriyo B


Sir/Maam, Since Friday Tarun cooperated so well with me in completing his notes and studying the same. No denying he took a long time, testing my patience. But the biggest change was he hardly excused himself or escaped the study hour. He sat throughout taking very few breaks in between.

Geetha V


Good Evening Sir. She is feeling what I see confident. Still I shall ask her to msg you from my phone… Yes sir, Thank u so much sir it means a lot.

Manisha A


Good morning Ninadji, Hope all well… Thank you for this… We have started prep for the first term exams this month (exams are 17th Aug onwards).

Anita And Navin M


Test scores updated. His percentage has improved to 75.4.

Veena (BMI Parent)


Good morning Ninadji… – There is a better sense of commitment and ‘I want to do this’ when it comes to daily study.” The resistance to leave devices and sit down to study is much lesser.

Anita And Navin M


3 Easy Steps To Transform Your Child

Don't compromise on your child's education; invest wisely in a program that truly delivers.

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Step 3

Your Child’s

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