Thank you for booking a call with us.

Watch this ENTIRE Video Before the Call.

Getting onto the call without watching this video, is like diving into the ocean without knowing how to swim. So, make sure you don’t skip it.


We appreciate your interest in working with Ninad and the Team at Better Mind Institute to help your child achieve their highest academic potential. Ultimately, the purpose of the call is to see if we can help your child. If we believe you would be a good fit for us, then we will show you what we can do for you, based on your specific situation, and then you can decide whether or not you want to become one of our success stories. In order to help you make a decision about Study Success for Teens™ Program, we have provided some important information that you can check out before our call.


Here is what we cover in the video above


  1. The purpose of the call
  2. ​How to prepare for the call
  3. ​Who need to attend the call
  4. ​Who this program is for
  5. ​How much it costs
  6. ​What you get with the program
  7. ​Bonuses available in the program
  8. ​2 Mindset shifts you need to make to help your child become a great student